Boogie Feet´s Festival 2023

Early Bird Prices expire the 28th of February 2023.
Got any questions? Check out our website:

All Ukrainian Dancers and members of Norges Danseforbund get Dance Classes, BFF T-shirt and Sunday Trip for FREE! They only need to pay for a Dance Party Pass.
We would need an email with a copy of your Ukrainian legit passport or documentation of your paid Norges Danseforbund membership (2023). Email it to:
[email protected]

Cancellation Policy BFF

We offer two solutions in case of cancellation: 

  1. You can transfer your registration to the next edition. 
  2. You can sell your registration to another person privately
    as long as we get the buyers full name and email adress.

We do not offer any kind of money refund regardless cancellation reason.

Sorry, the registration deadline has expired or the event is fully booked.